Aptos Analytics

One View of the Enterprise

Wouldnt it be great if you could easily dig through your mountains of data to expose a consolidated, holistic view of your entire enterprise that identifies the right action at the right time to positively impact sales, marketing, margins and inventory productivity?

Now, you can.

Aptos Analytics combine data warehousing and sophisticated retail big data analytics into role-based, actionable and repeatable processes that tackle your teams biggest challenges. And by reducing the time spent digging through mounds of data, your team has more time to think strategically, take action, and run the business.

Powerful, easy-to-use tools are designed to identify the right actions executed at the right time to ensure that merchandising, marketing, store operations and executive teams make informed, effective and timely decisions.

Aptos Analytics aggregate and integrate information from across your retail organization, allowing you to take full advantage of the power of one view of the entire enterprise. An embedded data warehouse combined with business intelligence tools, multiple analytics applications and several retail playbooks help your teams make fast, informed decisions that drive better results.

No Retail Data Warehouse? Aptos Analytics can help

Product Profile Retail Business Intelligence by QuantiSense
Retail Business Intelligence by QuantiSense gives you the power to overcome typical retail analytical challenges of siloed data, manual spreadsheets and inaccurate information. Retail business intelligence includes consolidated enterprise data with easy access to detailed information, pre-built reports and dashboards, and role-based modules, providing the tools to inform every decision.Learn More
Product Profile Retail Analytics
Analytics Applications by QuantiSense helps you balance the art and science of analytics finally play “offense” with all your data and make the most profitable retail decisions. Engage customers differently by leveraging our retail analytics to take maximum advantage of accurate, timely and complete information and make decisions with confidence.Learn More
Product Profile Retail Playbooks
At the heart of every great team is an effective playbook; that’s the guiding principle behind Retail Playbooks by QuantiSense. Our retail playbooks eliminate tedious, time-consuming drill-down analysis, replacing them with intelligent exception monitoring that helps your team move quickly to reduce stockouts and lost sales, identify potential overstocks, improve market baskets and much more.Learn More

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